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Hello, Nostalgia..

Itching to chat with your friends and new people like it's 1999? Want to experience what social networking was like before myspace and facebook? You have wandered into the right place, Wildman Productions proudly presents our latest foray into supporting old software, we have developed a suit of servers to allow you to use the very same messaging platforms from the good old days, we currently support the AIM and Yahoo platforms, with old world ICQ support arriving soon.

NOTICE: Phoenix services are still under active development! Not everything is fully implemented..
A WEBSITE MIGRATION IS UNDERWAY: This is the new website, the old one is still the one handling registrations etc. for now Here

The Official Wildman Productions Discord

Break Through The 5.9 Barrier!
Posted by: Wildman on: Jun/01/2020

AIM 6.0
AIM 6.0 support is here.
This is basic preliminary support, more advanced features are still to be implemented.
Important notice regarding contact list editing: Here