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Fox News Blasts NSA For ‘Unmasking’ Tucker Carlson: ‘Entirely Unacceptable’ --- --- Psaki Barks At Reporter Asking For Transparency On Pandemic Records --- --- Report: Vaccinated Comprise 75% of Coronavirus Infections in Singapore --- --- Army Commander Mandates Masks Indoors Again over Delta Variant, Breakthrough Cases --- --- D.C. Archbishop: Americans Must ‘Share Our Abundance’ with Illegal Aliens --- --- Disgruntled Australians scuffle with police at banned ‘Freedom’ marches as Covid-19 lockdown extended in Sydney (PHOTOS, VIDEOS) --- --- Mass. Reports Over 5,100 “Breakthrough” Covid Cases, 80 Deaths Among Fully Vaccinated --- --- ‘Destroying Our Culture and Heritage’: FORMER MLB Fan Trump Responds to Cleveland Indian Name Change --- --- “Trying to Hide Something?” Psaki Refuses Question on Vaccinated WH Staffers Infected with Covid --- --- NFL Coach With 27 Years Experience Is Finished After Refusing COVID Vaccine --- --- Only Vaccinated Can See Pope in Slovakia, But Many Vaccines Abortion-Derived --- --- Biden Goes Viral With Question To Reporter About Democrats Drinking Baby Blood --- --- Indian Study Showing 68% Have Covid Antibodies Shatters Global Pro-Vaccine Push --- --- NFL Players Rally Behind Star Wide Receiver Who Doesn’t Want To Take COVID Vaccine --- --- Conservative MP Suggests Government Should Consider “Mandating Flu Vaccination” For Young People to Attend Venues --- ---

Hello, Nostalgia..

Itching to chat with your friends and new people like it's 1999? Want to experience what social networking was like before facebook? You have wandered into the right place, Wildman Productions proudly presents our latest foray into supporting old software, we have deployed servers to allow you to use the very same messaging platforms from the good old days, currently the AIM and Yahoo platforms, MSN support is now in experimental closed beta phase, with mirabilis ICQ support planned.

In this age of big tech companies engaged in a wild crusade of censorship, Wildman Productions is boldly standing up for the first amendment and adamantly refusing to censor any voice, or monitor any communication. Wildman Productions is a small team of average folk who have no interest in money or power, we just like to program and we like older simpler software, and we find this authoritarian censorship crusade deplorable and we will have no part of it.


Notice: exceedingly old unused accounts or accounts that were created and never used could end up suspended, if your account gets wrongly suspended in error contact an admin. (AIM: hououin)

A WEBSITE MIGRATION IS UNDERWAY: This is the new domain, the old site is still managing registrations etc. Here

Break Through The 5.9 Barrier!
Posted by: -REDACTED- on: Jun 01, 2020

AIM 6.0
AIM 6.0 support is here.
This is basic preliminary support, more advanced features are still to be implemented.
Important notice regarding contact list editing: Here